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why aren’t you listening to guthrie govan right now?

look, guys. i know you have your own individual and relevant tastes in music. that’s okay, it’s what makes america great: the right of choice. but if you people aren’t listening to Guthrie Govan’s Erotic Cakes, you’re missing out BIG time. here are a few irrefutable facts that will invariably lead to you going to your … Continue reading


  • i hate to sound like such a melodramatic white boy, but i seriously need a new ipod. not because mine is like "too old" or "lame-looking", but because it's "BROKEN" and the "BATTERY DOESNT WORK". one day a few months ago my ipod decided that it just didnt want to hold a battery charge anymore. was it something i said? something i did to it? anyway, i know it's time to move on and look for a new ipod. i just need to hear music during my daily activities, most name-ably walking, walking fast, and also walking slow. i promise that if i get a new ipod i wont take it for granted or make it change for me. i'll accept it for what it is, and maybe we will be able to work towards a better day. (at this point in the post, you may have realized that you've wasted precious minutes from your life by reading this)
  • he squints as he looks outside, at the men standing on the corner, at the cars silently roaming the concrete maze of this city. he puts some espresso on the stove and turns on some billy joel. then and only then does he check his phone for messages. none. oh well. better put on some pants.
  • i mean really, what kind of an idiot falls asleep at 9pm and wakes up at 11:30pm? OBVIOUSLY i'm not going to find sleep anytime soon, and that pisses me off. and you know what i do when i get pissed off about something? i blog about it. like right now. i'm blogging about it. right now. anyway, i'm gonna watch something to get my mind off blogging. note: dont be surprised if i blog about what im watching.
  • Let me back in, she cried. It's raining and I'm soaked. He stood there frozen, staring at the doorknob. hoping the rain would wash her away.
  • Bucks county is a good place to live, but all of the houses and little shops are so far apart. Why, Bucks County? Why must you make me drive hither and thither so frequently just so I can do stuff? Well anyway, I'm going out into the cold. Turtleneck-equipped, mind you. I'll be back later, I promise.
  • im currently watching bend it like beckham, and I can't help but love Kiera Knightley, even though she's like a twig in this movie. I just think she's so sexy, for some indeterminate reason.  Maybe it's her blonde highlights, or her british accent.  I was wondering about accents the other day, and I want to know whether-- omg kiera in this scene is wearing the skimpiest top... *gargle gargle drool drool*-- anyway, I wanted to know whether British people thought American accents were sexy or not... idk i guess it's just mindless drivel coming out of me at this point. tl;dr Kiera Knightley is the sexiest ever.
  • with my hand and fingers
  • i am about to bundle up and go smoke a cigarette outside.  what a disgusting / incessantly discomforting habit. #ijustwanttostaywarm
  • that david cross and bob odenkirk are two of my favorite people in the entire world. mr show is serious genius. anyway, just wanted to share.
  • these days, it's hard to get up in the morning. these days, it's dark by dinnertime. these days, it's layers upon layers of wool. these days, it's finding warmth where you can.

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