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the best part about winter break

is the cable television. god, i love cable. it’s the most mind-rotting brain-washing stuff alive, but i love it so. within two hours of being home, i have already watched a 30-minute home-made commercial for an amusements retailer (which was f*cking AWESOME), and now i’m watching seinfeld re-runs on tbs.

not only do i love cable television, i think i’m addicted to it. i mean last week, i literally watched four straight hours of ‘storage wars’. STORAGE WARS, for fuck’s sake. like seriously, who watches that show except for people like me? i know it’s complete shit, but i can’t stop watching it!

i purposefully watch infomercials. i’m ENTERTAINED by infomercials. i don’t know why, but i just love everything on cable.

so tl;dr, i love television with a sick, almost insane passion. and now i get to indulge said passion over winter break. so yeah.


i’m adrift i’m sure

and i’m convinced it’s due to my lack of an ipod. now i can hear you folks out there going “but nate, that’s such a stupid consumer-slave-y thing to say.” well all i can say is hear me out for a minute.

due to past experiential data and a (vague) knowledge of myself, i know i do better when i’m constantly listening to new and exciting music. now, one would think that for someone who spends so much time in his apartment, i’d be able to actively listen at home on my laptop and jbl speaker-set. this is a misconception, and would be foolish to believe, as any video evidence would reveal that the only things i do on my computer at the apt are as follow:

1. Wank

2. Pretend i’m learning while i gloss over web pages, looking at the pictures

3. Wank (and try to avoid jerk-burn)

and that’s really it, unless you include blogging, which i appear to be doing now. as you can see, i’m now about to change the topic of this post out of nowhere, because i forgot where i was going with all that up there^^^.

don’t you just love billy joel? he’s just the saddest/uncoolest/piano-est person i can think of off the top of my head. i just downloaded his 1976 album ‘turnstiles’ in FLAC and boy, lemme tell you. it’s fucking great. you know what else is fucking great? I drank a shit ton of really potent espresso i bought from the supermarket in the ghetto, and now i’m probably going to be up and tapping my feet incessantly until about 5 in the morning. amongst the above-mentioned activities, i will also be ogling complicated lego sets online. anyway, better get to it. i think.

im starting to regret that mid-evening nap

i mean really, what kind of an idiot falls asleep at 9pm and wakes up at 11:30pm? OBVIOUSLY i’m not going to find sleep anytime soon, and that pisses me off. and you know what i do when i get pissed off about something? i blog about it. like right now. i’m blogging about it. right now. anyway, i’m gonna watch something to get my mind off blogging. note: dont be surprised if i blog about what im watching.

A perfect pissed

i guess this is a picture of a pissed-off person.

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