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i never thought there was this much to think about

like i said before, i’ve been on overdrive lately.

first off, i’ve been trying to finally kick this cigarette habit. last week i was smoking two or three cigs a day, and i was feeling really good about it, but now i’m back to five or six per day, which is considerably higher (if you’re me). i’ve been smoking cigarettes habitually since i got here in 2008, and i’ll admit, at first it was awesome. cigarettes made me think i looked cool, gave me an ‘in’ with a lot of random people who also smoked (which was good for a freshman) and i never thought i’d be smoking for a long time. now it’s nearly four years later, and i’m sick of them. they smell like shit, taste like shit, and cost a shit ton of money (shit!). not to mention my loss of lung capacity. it’s pathetic. and for what? a few minutes of boredom alleviated? are cigarettes actually interesting? am i any less bored smoking than not?

so even though it’s somewhat cliche and contrived, i’m ‘cutting back’ on my smoking, with the intention of complete cessation by summertime. i’m interested to see what happens, aren’t you?!?!11//?!

i didn’t mean to talk that much about smoking. i was really hoping to get into some of the philosophy i’ve been reading and listening to recently.

but now i’m reconsidering

because there’s just too damn much.

and writing about it all in one sitting would be wack. plus i’m hungry and the heat from my laptop is searing my thighs.

so.. email me if youve got any smoking cessation success stories or tips!



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