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when it’s this cold outside

it’s hard to get up and out into the world when the wind bites and howls outside your window. it’s hard to get up the strength to bear it. you’re much better off staying warm inside and doing things inside-of-doors.

today i’m taking the day to draw and clean my room and watch spongebob, and i can’t think of a better use of time. especially when it’s this cold outside.

the sun’s already on its way out of frame, on its steep descent from the sky. it’s hard to stay up and at it when even the sun takes off early. the winter’s made for these types of things. without the cold outside, you wouldn’t have the warmth inside. if it weren’t so dark all the time, you wouldn’t feel the need for staying alight inside.

the winter is so essential to our yearly ebb and flow. what good would spring and summer be if we didn’t have to suffer through their contrapuntal equivalents? would we still appreciate being able to wear shorts and sandals if we didn’t have to wear parkas and boots? i’m led to believe that no, we wouldn’t enjoy them as much. endless summer would be taken for granted.

i think that’s why god gave the earth seasons; to make us appreciate each one for its own qualities. over the year we encounter both the death and the rebirth of mother nature, the gloom but also the joy. that’s what life really is, a point and a counterpoint, constantly shifting but always present. the absence of one leads to the creation of another. the opposites of the world exist in and of each other, reminding us that they are both crucial to our understanding of the world, and more or less of ourselves.

so if you head outside, be sure to brace yourself and bundle up, but also be sure to feel winter for all its ferocity, its exceedingly unkind gusts of ice and its dermal brutality. it won’t last nearly as long as you think.


winter blues

winter blues and whites and grays

early sunsets, shorter days

the warmth is gone, but feeling stays

to keep warm, set our hearts ablaze

July 2018
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