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my beard is pissing me off

to start off this week, i could definitely rant about things that are pissing me off. that would be fun, and easy, and i’d have plenty of material. but perhaps that’s too easy.

i’ve been thinking a lot about death lately. not like morbid kind of stuff, but more along the lines of what happens when we die.

they say that your brain functions for about 5-10 minutes after the body has died. but since everything you experience right down to temporal perception are controlled by the brain, you could have an intense experience in those 5-10 minutes.

on sunday i woke up from a dream i had, which was surprisingly vivid; i had dreamt that my mom died. the thing that made it feel real was my emotions during the dream. they were of aching sorrow, of indescribable loss; a tear in my heart. when i woke up, i was astonished at how palpable the emotions had been while dreaming. if those kinds of emotions feel real during dreams, imagine what kind of feelings and experiences the pre-death dying brain produces.

if you’ve ever been on a crazy roller coaster, you’ll know the feeling of an endorphin rush. this is when the brain senses imminent death and floods the cns with high amounts of feel-good chemicals called endorphins. now obviously you don’t die on (most) roller coasters, so you probably don’t get a “full-blast” endorphin experience, but i’m certain that death brings an immense amount of endorphins into the body.

they say that dreams are linked to dimethyl-triptamine (dmt for short) production in the brain, and they say that once the brain realizes it’s dying, it releases a (large) amount of dmt into the nervous system. this has been speculated to be the source of the ‘white light’ experience that seems to be common with those experiencing death. dmt has been said to cause temporal distortion. joe rogan (yes, the guy from fear factor) has discussed publicly an experience he had where he lived an entire (perceived) lifetime before the drug wore off 10 minutes later. if the brain really does release dmt at the point of death, then could it be possible to live a whole lifetime inside that 5-10 minute window?

what if your whole life you’ve been dying on the scene of a car crash? what if this life is only the dmt-enhanced pre-death replay of your previous life? would that really be so bad?

just something to start off your week right.


i’m adrift i’m sure

and i’m convinced it’s due to my lack of an ipod. now i can hear you folks out there going “but nate, that’s such a stupid consumer-slave-y thing to say.” well all i can say is hear me out for a minute.

due to past experiential data and a (vague) knowledge of myself, i know i do better when i’m constantly listening to new and exciting music. now, one would think that for someone who spends so much time in his apartment, i’d be able to actively listen at home on my laptop and jbl speaker-set. this is a misconception, and would be foolish to believe, as any video evidence would reveal that the only things i do on my computer at the apt are as follow:

1. Wank

2. Pretend i’m learning while i gloss over web pages, looking at the pictures

3. Wank (and try to avoid jerk-burn)

and that’s really it, unless you include blogging, which i appear to be doing now. as you can see, i’m now about to change the topic of this post out of nowhere, because i forgot where i was going with all that up there^^^.

don’t you just love billy joel? he’s just the saddest/uncoolest/piano-est person i can think of off the top of my head. i just downloaded his 1976 album ‘turnstiles’ in FLAC and boy, lemme tell you. it’s fucking great. you know what else is fucking great? I drank a shit ton of really potent espresso i bought from the supermarket in the ghetto, and now i’m probably going to be up and tapping my feet incessantly until about 5 in the morning. amongst the above-mentioned activities, i will also be ogling complicated lego sets online. anyway, better get to it. i think.

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