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why aren’t you listening to guthrie govan right now?

look, guys. i know you have your own individual and relevant tastes in music. that’s okay, it’s what makes america great: the right of choice. but if you people aren’t listening to Guthrie Govan’s Erotic Cakes, you’re missing out BIG time. here are a few irrefutable facts that will invariably lead to you going to your local record store and buying ten copies of this album.

1. the album is named ‘erotic cakes’

how much more edgy can you get? it’s sexy, delicious, and when it comes down to it, everybody loves cake, no matter what it’s shaped like.

2. it’s an ear-pleaser

this album is about as smooth as the smoothest thing you’ve ever experienced, times 100. minus four. plus 12 billion. yeah. that smooth.

3. i like it, therefore anybody with any kind of sophistication will like it too

i don’t mean to talk myself up too much, but i do have better music taste than all of you, and you could all learn a thing or two by paying attention to what i’m listening to on a daily basis. this is really a kind of charity i’m doing here, giving you the heads-up on a solid album that you would have never thought to get yourself. you’re welcome.

so there you have it, if you’re not completely convinced that you should go buy this album twenty times over, you’re illiterate. but fret not, because in this age of information i can convince you with the power of youtube:

go get this album, and then feel free to email me your thanks. i’ll be happy to receive them.



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