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and the job search rages on…

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s hunting for a job.

look, i know i’m always writing posts about things i don’t like, but this one is essential. job searching in the city is one of my VERY least favorite things to do.

for a long time, i have tried to avoid the city job search by going on craigslist and looking for jobs there. let me tell you, i found nearly nothing on there. however, it was more appealing to me to apply to millions of online jobs rather than actually hit the streets and post my resume everywhere.

i think one of the things i hate about it is the whole idea of selling myself. i’ve never liked the idea of putting myself on display with a big ‘ol smile trying to earn somebody’s respect. i hated it during the college application process, and i hate it in job-hunting. i’ve got plenty of fucking talents that i actually like doing, i dont have to pander to a manager of a burger king trying to prove i’m good enough to flip burgers. it’s rediculous.

plus, i just hate having a job in general. whenever i have one, i always mourn the loss of all of my free time. i always feel like i’m just wasting my time and precious moments of life while i’m behind the counter. like FUCK! can’t somebody just give me a grant to draw and paint and make awesome things? doesn’t anybody value somebody like me enough to just fund me? believe me, i’m not doing anybody any good by wasting my time making sandwiches. or selling home improvements. or sweeping theaters.

i mean, i know it’s irrationally uppity and pompous, but i still feel like this. god doesn’t want me sweeping floors and wiping counters all day. he wants me to learn and explore and create with the glorious hands he gave me. life is short, and i am tired of wasting it in dead-end jobs. sick and tired.

then again…

i do need a new phone…….


winter blues

winter blues and whites and grays

early sunsets, shorter days

the warmth is gone, but feeling stays

to keep warm, set our hearts ablaze

July 2018
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