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it’s a whole new year

2012. the year i was expecting to graduate from temple. the year everybody has deemed the “last year of earth” (presumably). the year that changes them all.

isn’t that the fun of new years’? knowing that we’ve shed the old skin of 2011 for the brand new one of 2012? we’ve got a whole new chance to make things, do things, say things, write things, be things. it’s a blank slate, just waiting for us to write all over it.

and what will i be doing to write on the blank slate? i’m not sure yet. i haven’t really identified any “new years’ resolutions” yet. to be honest, i’m a little skeptical on the validity and worth of such resolutions, as i’m aware they’re pretty hard to keep. everybody says they’ll lose weight this year, or they’ll be a little nicer to people, or they’ll stop drinking to excess, but i don’t think they stick to those promises. i know i don’t. i can’t even remember a time when i had a new years’ resolution, because i’ve always forgotten them and thrown them by the wayside whenever they got difficult. i guess that’s more of a reflection of me, though, than of the resolution philosophy.

for those of you who do participate in your own resolutions, i wish you the best of luck and strength. i hope you never second-guess yourself in your endeavors, whether they be big or small. i hope you stick true to your convictions and stand tall in the face of opposition. i hope you find that inner strength you doubted was ever there and i hope it helps you grow, i hope it helps you become the person you always wanted to be. that’s what the new year is about, and that’s what we should take away from it.

so here’s to a happy and healthy 2012; let us all be what we want to be.


my mother is trying to turn me into a gentile.

so for those who don’t know, my dad’s jewish, but my mom was raised catholic.  i was raised jewish, had a bar mitzvah, yadda yadda yadda, we usually celebrate hannukkah. a few years ago, feeling the need to express her love for the spirit, my mom bought a miniature tree for the kitchen counter. it’s like 3 feet tall or so, and i didn’t have any thoughts about it, i mean hey, it’s a miniature.

but now, this year, my mom comes home one day with a 7-foot fir tree and a tree stand. mind you: i’ve never experienced a plant of such proportions within my household before, so it was a big deal. and i’m thinking: god, it’s hard to compete with the christmas spirit, isn’t it?

i mean hannukkah isn’t even a good holiday. don’t get me wrong about jewish holidays though, i love them. passover especially, because of all the delicious foods and such. it’s like a second thanksgiving in the spring time. but hannukkah, well jeez, it’s just a shit holiday. as a kid i used to like it a lot, because i got presents and because i thought it was the jewish christmas, which it is, but only in the ‘giving gifts’ department. but then as i’ve grown up i’ve realized why it’s toted as such: because it falls in december (usually).

i mean look, it’s nearly impossible to compete with christmas these days. not only are you bombarded with the songs all the time, but you’re also being blasted with ads that equate money with love. for a jew during christmas, it’s hard to be left out. i was one of the only jewish kids of my friends growing up, and i always envied them for having christmas. the king of all holidays.

but that being said, i dont think that hannukkah should try to fill that christmas void, because it simply can’t. i mean, giving gifts for eight days is kind of nerve-wracking for the kids (and also kind of fun i guess), but it shouldn’t try to be what it’s not. i see christmas in america not as a religious holiday, but more of a season of consumerism and materialism that all can share. wouldn’t jesus have wanted it that way?

so this year as i look at the tree, i’ll remember the warm memory of me wasting all this page space talking about nothing. so yeah. merry holidays.

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