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tuesday funnn

so as the title suggests, tuesday was a good’n. i finally decided what i should do for my semester in digital imaging. i’m gonna draw a comic book.

but that’s not all, because, you see, a comic book needs to be ABOUT something. it’s necessary to have a ‘plot’ that’s both ‘intriguing’ and ‘true’, which is why i’m going to draw a comic book about psychedelics.

i mean, i’m not one to say that i’m particularly ‘well-versed’ in this kind of thing, but i feel like a trippy topic will give me a lot of leeway in terms of design and plot. i think i’m going to make the characters go through some weird shit, most likely finding inner nirvana, or death. either or. again, i’m not a professional psychedelian, but i think i know a thing or two from watching ‘superjail’.

i feel like this project is going to be the consummation of a dream of mine. i’ve always wanted to make a comic book, to be a cartoonist. it’s fun to create a world with your pen. and you’re basically god of the world those doodles live in; it’s like film making at its core. story-telling the way YOU see it. that’s what makes art worth while.

i can’t decide if i want to do the thing in color or just black and white, but i suppose i’ll decide that sometime down the road. who knows? maybe i’ll just do the whole thing in highlighter colors! then NOBODY will be able to read it (avant-garde status)!

i’ll be sure to share this comic whenever i get around to it. you can all be a part of the creative process; you can see my progress and give me pointers and i’ll ignore those pointers (just like a real artist!!). it’ll be fun, and it’ll give you an inflated sense of self-worth, especially if i make it look like i’m actually listening and taking pointers from you people.

well i don’t want to get you too excited too soon, i’m still working on initial sketches. but soon, my children.  sooooooon.



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