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some thoughts completely devoid of insight, for your reading pleasure

i’m having one of those days where i never really start my engine, so to speak. i’ve been sitting in front of my computer screen for about 2 hours now, and i don’t see that changing until i head to class at around 5:30.

it’s an overcast kind of day, the kind of day you like to look out on but not necessarily be a participant in. just knowing the sun is already on its descent doesn’t give one much incentive to ‘carpe diem’. then again, i s’pose that’s merely a mental construct of my own making. who says overcast days don’t hold merit? i guess i do.

i have this little vantage point from my desk from which i can look at some of the people hanging out outside. theres this ghetto-ass barbeque place right in my line of sight, and there are always some people just chillin there. the only way i know it serves food is because of a shoddy spraypainted arrow on the side of the building with “barbeque” written near it in bubble letters. it’s such a blight on the face of that building, but i guess if it does its duty, who am i to judge?

for the past two days there’s been this street-sweeper truck doing laps around my block. i wish i could say that i notice a visible difference from those endless circuits, but in truth, the truck didn’t do much. not like it didn’t have the power to, it’s just the nature of this neighborhood. there’s a lot of chaos in the cleanliness aspect of the neighborhood, namely loose trash and sundries. the street sweeper did all it could to remove some of that chaos, but all it really did was push things around. it didn’t even really “clean” the street. i’m looking at a still-dirty susquehanna ave as we speak. our tax dollars at work.

i wish i had some profound thoughts for you today, but alas, i have none. none that i wish to share, anyway. maybe later i’ll have the energy to do a huge brain-dump of everything i’m mentally grappling with. until then, however, i hope you’ll enjoy this modest post as a recognition of the insipid duality of all: even on this blog, there are good posts and bad (mostly bad). all aside, though, i’m glad i’ve got a few people who like reading things i type. for those of you who have lost faith in my blog: i assure you, i haven’t even started blogging. i’m just trying to get my groove w/r/t a schedule so i don’t leave people without precious OC for their consumption. just bear with me, i promise i will try to be interesting from now on.

for the meantime, however, enjoy this particularly overcast groundhog’s day. it may be your last (gasp!).



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