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rain rain rain rain

they say that rain demarcates a change. a change in the weather, a change in the city, a change in yourself. it makes sense to me. rain is like a cleansing for the earth. the recharge and rehab of a living planet. why shouldn’t we feel cleansed? we’re the earth too.

y’know, i was watching a stellar (no pun intended) television program the other day featuring one mister carl sagan. in this episode of sagan’s ‘cosmos’, he describes the nature of the universe with the utmost clarity. he drew to attention the fact that we are all made of starstuff, the same fundamental building blocks of everything in the universe. he also said that we, humans, are the manifestation of the universe looking out at itself. wow.

heavy, right? i mean, it makes sense if you think about it; the big bang set into motion all these flying bits of matter, and somehow some of it came together to make earth. and from that earth came primordial life, and through the eons we as humans emerged. we are only the byproducts of an ever-expanding universe, but have gained the kind of consciousness it takes to really ponder our existence….

i suppose it’s a testament to the wonder of life- and the cognizance of our place in this sea of stars and infinity.

just a thought to keep you warm on this dismal monday.



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