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mornings are the best, right?

lately i’ve been waking up in the morning, mostly around 9:30-10am. if anyone knows me, they’ll know that this is a complete paradigm shift for me. just a week ago i was proudly amongst the contingency of people who fall asleep in the am and wake up in the pm. now it’s the inverse, and it has had some surprising results for me.

the morning is just such a magical time of day; you can just about tangibly feel the infinite potential the day has to bring. every single day can be the beginning of the rest of your life (and is). the morning is especially important in the winter, because of the sun leaving us so early in the evening. being awake in the morning allows one the luxury of more hours of sunlight, which are increasingly important in winter.

even physiologically, the morning is best. more sunlight allows for more transdermal collection of vitamin d, which allows for more seratonin to be produced in the brain. it’s a win-win-win to wake up early. it’s fact.

so for those of you who still hide from the sun, who still lay in bed while the rest of the world springs to life: you’re missing out. try it and you’ll see.



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