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in my pompous opinion (impo), Stream of Consciousness

you think you’re so big?

i’ve got news for you: you’re not.

your greatest tools are deception, manipulation, and threat of violence. these things are characteristic of an individual with some real problems– problems i won’t even go into.

i have no clue why you would make me so angry on purpose, i guess to flex your muscles? to test if you still had the power to? i should have been more reserved, more present, but i guess you still do have some pull. no matter. that should dissipate with time. i’m not worried about it.

i’m not going to give in to your manipulation, though. i’m allowed to express myself by any means possible, and that includes writing in a public place. it’s my right as an american, and honestly i don’t know why it should matter if you’re really not reading it (but i know you are).

i hope this starts a fire in your heart, i hope all that rage you feel towards the world is directed right at me. because that means i still have pull with you, too. in most cases, my instincts would tell me not to play with fire, but it’s really fun, isn’t it? you had no right to fuck with me like that; it’s akin to terrorism.

i don’t know if in your mind you believe what you said to me was wrong, but i suppose that’s beside the fact. i’m going to write about whatever comes to mind, and (congratulations) you’re at the forefront of my mind today. i look forward to hearing about this later.



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