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the world has turned and left me here

it’s clear that i havent been blogging nearly enough, because my stats for this week are waaaay down. i’m talking zero hits in the past 48 hours (or more). do i feel a bit lonely? yes. do i feel a bit dejected and ignored? yes. but these aren’t due to my non-existant reader-base, it’s much more than that.

i mean, why do people blog in the first place? to get their name out there? to feel like people care about their opinions? to derive some sort of feeling of self-worth? i suppose all of those can be true in some sense. i don’t even know why i blog. i guess it’s somewhat self-assuring to write down errant thoughts in a digital time-capsule.

I’ve never been one for journals, or for diaries, and i know why; i don’t have the attention span nor the self-motivation to keep up with the entries. books that i deem ‘journals’ always end up as an earnest effort followed by pages and pages and pages of emptiness. i suppose with a blog, you don’t end up wasting paper, only people’s time and attention when they realize you haven’t written anything in a week.

so i guess what i’m saying is just bear with me, i’m sure i’ll come up with some good material soon, and then you can read it and perhaps find some kind of enjoyment in it. or you could just not read it, punishing me for my lackluster performance in the blogging world so far. either way, i think i’ll be blogging for a long time coming, which is to say i’ll be thinking a lot, and hopefully capturing those thoughts within this digital form. and so advance the dematerialization and digitalization of my human soul. so bear with me, i will not abandon you.



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