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i hate hate hate football

i see the allure and all, it’s flashy, fast-paced, and loud. but i just can’t enjoy it. it’s like america’s modern bloodsport; the contemporary gladiator fight. it’s kind of sickening.

i mean just look at the gameplay. it’s a bunch of enormous men throwing themselves at each other, tackling and maiming and biting one another. the most successful players merely avoid getting killed every game. it’s depressing to look at the stats regarding debilitating injuries (most notably concussions), but it’s like it’s condoned in the NFL.

i also hate the enormous egos of the players. everyone MUST celebrate exuberantly if they get a good tackle, or if they catch the ball, or if they get a first down. like, calm the fuck down dude. you’re not special, give it a rest. and don’t even get me started on chad “eight-five”. like seriously? ochocinco? you changed your family name in favor of ochocinco? that doesn’t even mean 85, it means 8-5. idiot.

plus there are so many commercials during football games. in baseball, you get a full half-inning free of commercial interruption, with the exception of pitching changes and other game-delays. in football however, advertisers love packing commercials into every single nook and cranny the NFL will allow them. i mean, the superbowl is KNOWN for the commercials. some people watch it ONLY for the commercials. that’s fucking wack. plus, by the fourth quarter, you’ve already seen that bud light or chevy commercial like twenty times. give it a fucking rest!

in conclusion, football’s gameplay, enormous egos, and incessant advertisement make it wholly unwatchable for me. i’ll stick to my laid-back baseball games and adrenaline-devoid golf broadcasts thank you very much.



One thought on “i hate hate hate football

  1. I agree with you. Football is this sacrad cow here in America. It is senseless violence. I don’t understand the
    tolerence of it. I am not a pacifist, sometimes we need to defend ourselves. Footfall endorses hurting others
    for the sake of playing a game. It is disguisting Football player and coaches are glorifyed as modern day heros because the win games, why? It is insane.

    Posted by reasontogether | 01.23.2012, 8:51 am

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