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in my pompous opinion (impo), Nonsense

i detest airports

i mean, who doesn’t? i would not like to meet a person who loves airports. it’s just not natural.

anyway, i was in three airports today: philadelphia, tampa bay, and palm beach international. all of them sucked to various degrees, but i’d say philadelphia was one of the worst. and i’m not even talking about the security and all, that was a real breeze. i got through the metal detector with my belt and lots of change in my pockets (should that worry me?).

it’s just the people in airports.. i don’t know. there are always spoiled-ass kids with awesome computers and smartphones and tablet computers, i guess they just piss me off. it’s mostly jealousy i’m sure. i just don’t like being around them. for instance: this one kid on our flight had this arizona cardinals hat that had “j-woww” embroidered on the back side. i mean, why? you know? why the hell would a boy have j-woww embroidered on his fitted hat? it just doesn’t make sense.

people should be more aware of their children in airports and on airplanes. i’m so fucking sick of hearing whiny kids and stuck-up parents and fucking flight attendants and everything UGH. i do not look forward to entering another airport; especially palm beach, which feels it is necessary to use those full-body scanners. i dont want some minimum-wage tsa fuck looking at my naughty bits. it’s just creepy.

tl;dr fuck airports, and fuck everybody who inhabits airports. they all suck. merry christmas.



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