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in need of some new dance tunes?

these days, there are tons of resources online for music lovers everywhere. That’s a great thing for somebody like me, who burns through his new music like wildfire and then is in a desperate search for new material. the web is very aware of peoples’ constant need for new music, and some tools stand out as the best amongst them.

my personal favorite is the hype machine, found at hypem.com. hype machine is an expansive site that compiles all of the most popular music blogs on the net into one easy-to-use resource. the site itself is a music player, and users can “like” or “favorite” songs and add them to their playlist. it’s an awesome tool for music discovery and collection, especially because each song has links to the original music blog they were posted to, and most blogs host free downloads of said songs.

honestly that’s just about the only music discovery engine i use these days, and even so, i use it very infrequently. that being said, i also always have last.fm running in the background of my computer, and since 2008 it’s been scrobbling every single song i listen to, so i’ve got that going for me. i know that last.fm has some really good suggestion engines on their website, but i hardly ever go on there, so i suppose it’s kind of moot.

anyway, i guess i just wanted to talk about how awesome the hype machine is, because it really is an awesome website for people looking for dance/electronic/indie/new music. it’s turned me on to many obscure and worth-while bands and artists, and i’m sure people who check it out will all find something there for them. plus, they’re well-integrated with twitter, which is always a big plus. so i suppose you should get over to hypem.com and see what i mean! happy searching!



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