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Christmas Specials

I’m not the first person to delve into the topic of Christmas in America, but as an American I feel like my opinions matter and that I should display such opinions on the open forum of the World Wide Web.

My opinion tonight is that Christmas should choke on a fucking pretzel and die somewhere very cold. Don’t get me wrong, though, I love the kind of wondrous and ambivalent spirits that the Christmas season brings.  I’m all about the charity and the guys ringing those little bells outside Walmart and the "God bless us, everyone" stuff. I love that stuff.  I can even tolerate some of the season’s (repetitive) music from time to time.  The thing that really bothers me about Christmas is that it’s not about those nameless things in America, it’s about the profit.

Now I must say that I have been very cynical about American Capitalism for quite some time, but the Christmas season really brings out the shittiness of big business.  Christmas is about holding eachother close, forgiving eachother, and spreading love throughout our lives.  According to my television, however, the Christmas season is about shopping, shopping, spending, shopping, spending, and more shopping.  Now, I realize that there’s always going to be commercials for this or that, no matter what time of year it is.  But personally, this season always weighs me down with such guilt.  All those commercials for jewelry are so on-the-nose it’s incredible.  "Buy your wife a diamond or else she will feel unloved." That’s the only message I really hear from the incessant Kay Jewelers and Zales commercials.  For fuck’s sake, we don’t need to be bombarded every day with these kinds of things. Do you know how many kids get their hearts set on something they see on television just to be disappointed when their family can’t afford it?  Isn’t this kid going to think that his parents don’t love him as much as the parents on television do?

I guess my point is that I’m trying my hardest to keep the holiday season positive for me.  I have to admit it’s been a challenge so far, and we’re not even half way through december! 

Also, please forgive me for the unorganized nature of this post, I’m still getting used to the whole blogging atmosphere. :D



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